So Far Gone

These past 24 hours have been so eventful, its really worn me down like never before. Janine started a Kindergarten-readiness program and just had her first day on Monday. Monday is also my Mom’s birthday, shout out to her (even though she’ll probably never see this). To top it all off my phone was stolen Sunday night while I was playing basketball at the Mira Mesa Rec Center.  I’ll dive deeper into these events and it will reveal the big significance in my life as of today.

Janine starting school today was another milestone she has accomplished. There are not many 5 year olds that have gone through what she has gone in her life so far. The crazy part is that its just getting started. These past 5 years have flew right by me. It goes to show how precious our time is here on Earth. Janine has shown me more about myself than anyone I’ve known. After 5 years of fatherhood, it’s been proven that I am selfish, impatient, arrogant, I get mad easily, I hold grudges, etc. I am aware of these flaws in myself and my parenting. Despite these shortcomings, Janine has a perfect and loving Father. No, it’s not me, its the Father in Heaven and I thank God that He is perfect. The truth is, I can provide financially and I can be physically there and active while parenting, but that all stems from the love that I have received from God. I am not perfect, but He is. This doesn’t mean that I neglect my duties as a parent, but rather God’s grace allows me to strive to be the best parent like Him, His grace is not an excuse to be mediocre, it is my greatest motivation. 

My mom’s birthday is today. Growing up, I can unashamedly admit that I was a Mama’s boy. My dad was in the Navy, so I was with my mom 24/7. I thank God for having such a loving and supportive mom. I’m aware that I have been a disappointment in many areas of my life, but not once did my Mom ever quit on me. That within itself is amazing. 

To end this roller coaster ride, my phone was stolen. To anyone who know’s me, I have relied on my phone for everything, especially since my computer was broken a couple months ago. Having my phone was stolen was a blessing in disguise (even though it is quite an inconvenience at the moment). This generation has been so consumed with technology that if we’re not careful, we may be too dependent on it. We often miss the beauty of this life because our eyes are so glued to our phones. To whoever stole my phone, I hope and pray that you would come to know the error of your ways. You can steal my wallet, my car. or any other material item. You can take all these things away from me, but you can never take away what I value most: my relationship with Jesus Christ. I count these things of this world as rubbish compared to the surpassing worth of knowing my Savior. Nobody can ever take that away. Nobody. 

Heat in 6

This year’s NBA playoffs have been a tale of two stories. The West was wild, yet predictable. When it was all said and done, the Spurs and the Thunder emerged as the only two true contenders. The East, on the other hand, handed the Heat a trip to the NBA Finals on a silver platter. With that said, we’re anticipating another classic finals rematch between the Heat and the Spurs.

This time has all the makings of a different ending this year. The Spurs were already convinced that they were better than Heat last year, and only by a once in a lifetime shot by Ray Allen in game 6 could kill their dreams. These Spurs look even better than they did a year ago. Manu Ginobili has had spurts of looking like vintage Manu as of late, Tim Duncan has been as consistent as he has ever been; and even with Tony Parker being hobbled with a couple injuries, Patty Mills and Cory Joseph have provided a much needed spark  in his absences. Kawhi Leonard asserted himself as one of the league’s top perimeter defenders. Who knew Boris Diaw would be such a difference maker in the conference finals? It’s championship or bust this year for the Spurs and they look more ready than ever.

As the Spurs have gotten deeper since last year’s meeting, the Heat have gotten thinner. Aside from Chris Andersen and Norris Cole, no other Heat player seems considerably better than they were last year. Dwyane Wade seems a lot healthier than the previous matchup with the Spurs and could mean a big series in the finals. What goes vastly overlooked is Erik Spoelstra’s coaching ability. He’s not just some average guy who rides LeBron’s coattails to every victory. He’s made several key lineup changes over the course of the playoffs: Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, and Rashard Lewis have all contributed key minutes in the starting lineup in the right matchups.  

I’ve been back and forth with my pick for this series. I’d love to see Tim Duncan, the GOAT of Power Forwards, win his 5th title and settles any debate that the Spurs are the best franchise in the Post-Jordan era. I also admire the greatness we’re so lucky to see in LeBron James. He’s clearly the best player we’ve seen since MJ (sorry Kobe lovers); a third title after four straight finals appearances would only validate his career even more.

Now to my pick… The Spurs have a making of an NBA champion. They’re spearheaded by the greatest power forward ever, two future hall of famers, a deep deep bench and this year’s NBA Coach of the Year.
So with that being said, why in the world would I pick the Heat? To win an NBA championship, your superstars have to play like superstars. LeBron will be LeBron; expect him to have at least 3 hurculean performances over the course of this series. We have a pretty good idea of what Chris Bosh will bring to the table: a double double night in and night out. The wild card is obviously Dwyane Wade, but I think it only gets better for him from here. My bold prediction for this series: Ray Allen will break Danny Green’s record for most three pointers made in an NBA finals, which was set just a year ago. San Antonio may be the NBA’s best road team, but I don’t think they win any in South Beach. 

Miami wins in 6 games. The Big 3 win its third title in four years. Don’t bet against LeBron. 

First Post

It’s been so long since I’ve been on Tumblr. I just had this urge and need to express my thoughts and feelings in a more in depth way that Instagram or Twitter can’t. I will dedicate this blog to my random thoughts, views to certain issues I may encounter from day to day, and some sports. To whoever may read this, I hope you will get some sort of entertainment, encouragement or a little bit of both! I will be updating this weekly. That’s about it!